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We are an online zip code finder and we allow you to find your current location's zip code with just one click via this website.

What is my Current location zip code? Are you tired of looking at long lists of zip codes and wanna find an easy way to look for your current zip code, you are at the right place. We've developed this website that contains postal codes from 180+ countries of the world. All you have to do is allow us access to your location, and we will give you the Zip Code of your location(which is detected by our smart tool). This is as simple as that.

You can also use this tool to know "What is Zip Code of a certain Location or Address" by just putting the location's address and the city in the search bar, and you will get its postal code. It will also show you the complete address as well as GPS coordinates of that particular address.

What Zip Code am I in right now?

It's a general question asked by many users who are confused and who don't find the real solution to this problem. To sort out this confusion, this website was developed. It shows the address, coordinates as well as postal code. This website is easy to use and is the best way to know one’s zip code in every city in 180+ countries.

It's a common issue for anyone to panic while visiting a new place and having a lot of unknown places around oneself. This tool gives you the complete address of your location, so you so you won’t feel lost. Suppose you are a traveler or go on off-road trips, love camping, and are passionate about RV. In that case, this handy tool stands up to track your position and give you your complete address, Location Coordinates and Zip code whenever needed. In case you find yourself in trouble, just enable GPS and refresh this page; you will instantly know your current address along with GPS coordinates.

How to find What Zip Code am I in/ My current Location Zip Code?
  1. Open Whatismyzipcode.net
  2. A prompt appears on your screen, asking for location access. Click 'allow'
  3. You will see your current location zip code along with your GPS coordinates and complete address.

What is my Zip Code

Zip Codes are difficult to keep memorized as they contain a lot of digits and are of mixed lengths. People usually complain about it, saying it is the most boring task to keep these digits in mind anywhere they go. This is where we come into play. Via our handy and helpful web app, you can find the zip code of your current location.

How does it work?

An API call is used in our website to detect your city and your exact position’s GPS coordinates. The location is then transferred to our extensive database of 180 countries and their postal code. From there, the prospective zip code is pulled from the database and is shown to you. All this procedure allows you to not ask other people about your Zip Code because it is takes just a click to get your desired postal code via this website.


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We always make sure to provide 100% security for reliable and trustworthy use of this website. There are no malicious ads and content on our website; you are in a safe zone with a guarantee of secure browsing. This website also has the latest standard of security like SSL, which makes all your activity on this website secure and encrypted.

2. Free To Use

Unlike other tools on the market that charge for providing their services to their users, whatismyzipcode.net serves users free of cost. This means you won't be asked to pay for a subscription for accessing all the features. Moreover, no sign up is required to use what is my zip code web app. We don't lock any premium features that need a paid subscription to unlock. Everything is free and easy to use.

Find My Current Location Zip Code

If you are confused and caught in the wrong complicated websites, we would love it if you could use our very accurate and easy to use website to find your current location Zip Code? Now we will take a look at the Zip Code itself, its history and its uses.

What is Zip Code

Zip code is a set of different digits and alphabets which vary with different cities. It is grouped in numbers ranging from 3 to 10 figures. In some very rare cases, Postal codes of two cities can actually be the same. For instance, 94608 is the zip code of California which is used for both Emeryville and parts of Oakland.

The term Zip Code is the abbreviation of Zone Improvement Plan, which is used in postal addresses to assist the sorting of mail and its instant delivery. It is also known as postal code, post code or sometimes even referred to as PIN. Currently, there are 43,000 zip codes in the record. You can also get the United States postal service zip codes list arranged as cities, states, and postal codes respectively.

Useful Information about Zip Code

Diving into the facts, do you know that the first idea of using something like a zip code emerged in world war 2, and the idea was to use 2 digits code to partition parcels into different blocks. The United States Postal Service (USPS) used the postal code for the first time in 1963, keeping Zip Codes a simple pattern of 5 digits. Late in 1983, the ZIP+4 code was introduced, which was an extension of USPS. After that, the complete zip code was modified into five digits with a hyphen where four digits are allocated for a particular location address. Today 9 digit zip codes are also used. They are used for sending mail in very little time, with less turnaround time and at a cheaper cost.

How are the digits in the ZIP Code organized?

Each zip code is made up of five digits that help them determine where they will be delivering parcels or letters. The first digit indicates what group of states they are sending the parcels to. For example, the state of Maine is in group 03, which makes up the most northern group of states. The next two digits demonstrate the mid mail processing capacity, which is also called Sec Center. Any parcel, letter, or courier having the same three digits is tracked at the same Sec Center. Later on, these parcels and couriers are arranged according to their two digits which show states and are sent to the local post office.

Why is the ZIP Code important?

The majority of countries have integrated postal code systems, which makes knowing very important to know the correct Postal (ZIP) code. If you know the ZIP Code, you can receive a quick mail delivery from any part of the world to the correct address. Zip Code is also necessary to get full information about any specific addresses.


The majority of people use 6- or 9-digit zip codes for online forms, but this isn't the only place where they are used. A lot of professional matters use zip codes, some of which are listed below.

To get postal codes for above mentioned or any need, you can use this tool to explicitly get your current postal code based on your live location, which will help you in different tasks from sending and receiving mails to online shopping, getting admission in schools to finding someone's location.

Following are the few suggestions that may help to keep your address accurate while receiving parcels:

ZIP Code's Importance for Business

Zip Codes are not only used to identify a current location but are very helpful in business coordination. These codes play an important role in identifying the demographics of the people socially living in a region or area. Many large businesses use postal codes to get the information structure of their clients visually. Furthermore, they drive valuable marketing decisions to open new stores and introduce the latest products and services with collected data.

Incomplete and Void ZIP Codes

Sometimes, the parcels have incomplete Zip code information causing their delivery to an inaccurate address. It usually happens with businesses due to the collection of data from multiple sources. Or packages were written by hand while hustling down the data and making mistake typos, wrong spelling, or it might occur due to some other errors.

Also, due to exposure to personal credentials, some people hesitate to provide correct information. In this way, they try to proceed with fake addresses, thereby, invalid data causing a great challenge for courier companies. In addition, there are conflicting points in address codes like punctuation marks or letters that are not supported in postal code format and are considered useless in the code. These tiny mistakes cause big problems for businesses collecting postal code data for shipping or analysis. As a result, the analysis done by the businesses is useless and invalid or products are shipped to the wrong Postal Codes.

Frequently asked question

1. Does this website save data that we type?

We don't save your location and each time you get back on our site, it will ask for location access. So, this website doesn’t save any information that you provide. 

2. How to turn on location?

Turning on your location means simply turning on the GPS.

3. how to give location access to this website?

Whenever you open this website, a prompt appears. On that prompt, just click okay.

4. I was given the error "We couldn't find zip code of your location"

Our database has postal codes of 180+ countries. For some countries, we have complete data of all zip codes ranging from big cities to small villages, but for other countries, we don't have data about relatively smaller towns and villages. We are really sorry about that and we are updating our database almost every week to include more areas.